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Starlight Princess

Starlight Princess online is an game in style anime from Pragmatic play with six reels and 20 lines payouts. Together with the Star Princess, you will dive on a journey through galaxies and try turn as many cosmic game symbols as possible into winnings. If you possess success, your winnings can romantically repeat itself thanks to the Tumble function - over and over again. Because it is used both in the base game and during free spins and Starlight Princess how win can act as long as your streak of luck lasts. Though, about luck: its spark is enough, and you maybe will be able to see multipliers.
Please also pay attention to the main rules of the game. This text does not claim to be completeness or colorfulness. Failures in system make invalid all games and payments.

The game is inspired by Japanese manga Starlight Princess bet comics and anime- TV series, so it is filled beautiful and cheerful elements. The game has a lot colors, and it looks like a initial, but colorful work of art.
The princess of the starry sky pleases us with her beauty next to the reels, and the background is filled with clouds, as well as a majestic castle high in the sky. Behind the princess, the sky with falling stars is illuminated beautiful animation when you manage to have the acrobatics function fast during the game session.
Electronic music creates Star Princess demo a playful mood, allowing you to go all the way in the fictional land of abundance riches. The volume of motivating soundtracks can be adjusted according to your features, which is an ideal addition.

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Soundtrack sounds like a mix of the soundscape of popular anime and science fiction old years. Digitally altered tones raise the tension to a romantic climax.
The reels are filled with sparkling gems - from rubies to sapphires and emeralds. They are covered with gold, and some of them are painted with gold details, such as hearts and stars.
Next to the reels flying Starlight Princess promo with its beautiful shimmering wings. On it beautiful, but rich outfit with fancy stockings in two different colors. Her long red hair surrounds her in waves, reaching almost to her knees. She looks exactly like a regular dream princess from the anime world.
It is impossible to ignore the inspiration of the cult heroine Sailor Moon, but our Starlight Princess promo is now enough original, to be brand.